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Some features in Huzhop app

  • Easy to find products to sell
  • Easy to Import and Push Products
  • Easy to Manage Orders – One-click Order
  • Transfer Data Between Stores
  • Multiple Manager Stores
  • Multiple Roles of Users
  • Real-time Tracking


Find Products

Easy to Find Products

Shop with a wide range of product selection, which always gets better every day. Choose as many items as your bandwidth permits. After all, there’s no such thing like shelf space within the online world.

Quality items, which are packed with care and shipped to the doorstep of your customers. You can massively lower the time to find dependable dropshipping brands.

Huzhop allows searching for products faster.

Easy to Import and Push Products

Huzhop allows you to import products from, and push products into your Shopify and WooCommerce store.

It’s easy to edits titles, descriptions, prices, images, etc… before pushing into the store.

Import and Push Products

Automated Order-Fulfillment

Automated Order-Fulfillment

With Huzhop, you can easily automate order fulfillment in a few clicks.

Let’s do it. If you are ready to scale your store and make more money today, begin a Free plan at Huzhop today.

Huzhop Gathers Everything You Need in One Place

We cannot be successful if you aren’t successful.
Below are more features that will make running your dropshipping store a success.

Customization Products

Huzhop allows you to edit your products as you want. You can easily edit product: titles, descriptions, prices, images, collections, type, tags before pushing into the store.

Make Product Wish Lists

Our app enables you to handle numerous products and import products easily. Push items straight from our app to your store. No added configuration needed.

Filter Products with any Shipping method

You can filter products with ePacket, or any Shipping method to help the fastest delivery times from supplier to your customers.

Track Your Sales

You can easily follow the earnings of your store in the dashboard. Every detail, including chart, total sale, total order, total visitor, are automatically updated in real-time.

Track Your Orders

Your orders are always along with our integrated order tracking at Huzhop.

Pricing Automation

Develop your own costing rules and put price on your items in bulk. Determine your pricing rules to markup products automatically. You can include your price of shipping systematically in the retail price to provide free shipping without it influencing your margins.

Real-time Tracking

Huzhop lets you tracking in real-time: orders, import products, push products.

Transfer Data Between Stores

Huzhop support transfer data between:
Shopify store to Shopify store, Shopify store to WooCommerce store, WooCommerce store to Shopify Store, WooCommerce store to WooCommerce store.

Data in transferring: All products, all orders, all settings.

Multiple User Accounts

Let multiple individuals operate your online store, with a few clicks to set user with the role to manage a store.

Multiple Stores Manager

Huzhop support manager multiple stores, it’s easy to manage everything in your stores with Huzhop.

Multiple Roles of Users

For effective store management Huzhop allow adding a role for users to manage any stores.

Customer Support

Huzhop has a wide array of quality of services to guide you flourish through each phase of development. We provide free personal assistance for each solution you order. That way, you will have us as your secret weapon!

Are You Ready to Begin?

Huzhop works with all types of e-commerce retailers – from scale to startup. Add products and drive sales in minutes with Huzhop! Start selling today.

Not sure about anything? Feel free to chat us through our live chat within our app or drop us an email. We will always be happy to help you! Happy dropshipping!


These answers to Huzhop most commonly asked questions.

What is Huzhop?

Huzhop is an dropshipping app that makes it easy to sells products and is accessible to use. With the use of Huzhop, you can find a wide variety of products. You won’t find any difficulty since in few clicks away, and you will find what product you want, either fashionable clothes and accessories, toys, beauty products, and other hot products that are trending online.

Huzhop wants to provide convenience for you by making it easy for you to find products. Their products came from all suppliers across the globe and automatically added them to the app. Once you avail in Huzhop, your supplier will ship your order to your doorstep and doesn’t want to stress you about the storing, packaging, or shipping your product since they will take care of it all.

The Huzhop’s starter plan is completely free, and you can pay only when you start your business through this app since Huzhop offers dropshipping. Dropshipping is a business model that enables people in business to run their online stores.

The good thing is, drop shipper sellers won’t be managing an inventory. They sell a product in their store, and they’ll avail it from their supplier. Once bought, they will deliver it and ship to their clients. If you decide to be a drop shipping seller too, you will only need minimal initial funds to start up with Huzhop. The level of your success will be measured with your marketing activities. If you are determined enough, it won’t be hard for you to get your first sale, second sale, and more sales!

If you decide that Huzhop isn’t the perfect place for your business, you can uninstall the application from your store.
But, if you find this app excellent, Huzhop can provide more possibilities with you!

How does Huzhop work?

Huzhop helps you to look for products to sell online using connection to the suppliers in different countries and browse to discover different products.

You can add this to our cart by clicking a few buttons.

With Huzhop, you will no longer stress yourself on what to wear, what to give as a present, and other necessities since it will provide you with high-quality products and guarantee your satisfaction.

Is Huzhop available in my country?

Huzhop is available worldwide so you can sell online all you want.

So what are you waiting on? Get started free now!

Where can find Huzhop?

You can find Huzhop on the Shopify App Store and WooCommerce.

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